The top PUBG guns are listed in our guide, along with endgame-worthy weaponry and weapons that are better left alone because they aren’t the frying pan.

Simply pick up the first thing that shoots to begin the game. But after that, decisions must be made. Two primary guns, a pistol, a melee weapon, and grenades are the only weapons you are allowed to carry. Don’t expect a chicken meal if the weapons you have by the end of the game are poorer than those the other survivors have.

However, it might be challenging to find the best PUBG guns, especially if you’re not a weapon master. There are just so many possibilities available, and testing them all will take a long time. So, we have listed the top 10 PUBG Guns of 2022 for you, so that you can concentrate on your gameplay rather than finding the best PUBG guns.

TOP 10 PUBG Guns

1. M416

The M416 is one of the best guns in the mobile game PUBG, and every professional gamer favors it. It is a personal favorite of ours. In addition to possessing the greatest number of attachments of any weapon, it also fires at a respectable pace and is quite versatile for all kinds of conflicts. You’ll have exceptional stability and recoil control if you use a 6x scope on the M416 and drop the magnification to 3x. Strong in both close-quarters and medium- to long-range combat, the M416 is a versatile weapon. Additionally, it has an excellent balance in medium-range fighting.

2. AKM

The AKM is a well-liked supplementary weapon among players, despite being challenging to learn. However, it does have a basic damage rating of 49, which is more than most of the game’s assault weapons. In addition to the scope, the AKM may also take muzzle and magazine attachments. Due to its accessibility, gamers utilize it fairly frequently.


There is no denying that the SCAR-L is a highly contentious firearm, but that it excels in saturating adversaries at close to medium range. It might not be on the same level as the M16 or AKM as a single-fire weapon. However, if an M4 is not present, this is a fantastic option for you if you want automatic firing. Choosing one weapon over many others is always a smart move in the current meta of running double AR.

4. KAR98K

If opening airdrops is a little out of your comfort zone, don’t worry; if you search for a Kar98k, you can have a fantastic sniper rifle. Level 3 helmets cannot be one-shot, but inferior helmets are hopeless. It works with all optics and is accurate. The only drawback? Try not to miss it because it moves fairly slowly.

5. AWM

AWM is a sniping monster that can one-shot players wearing a level 3 helmet and is generally regarded as one of the greatest weapons in PUBG. Its hit damage is 100 and its time of reloading is not very long. The main drawbacks are that it can only be obtained through airdrops, just like the bullets (so don’t squander them). You might have to put your life in danger to obtain one of these, but if you do, congrats—you now possess the most potent sniper in PUBG.

6. Mini 14

This weapon could appear a little flimsy at first glance. However, compared to other specialized marksman rifles, it is more accurate despite dealing less damage and firing at a somewhat slower rate. Additionally, the Mini 14 has a larger magazine size. With the simple addition of a scope, you may transform this into a potent long-range weapon.

7. UMP

The UMP is perhaps the finest all-around SMG since, unlike most other SMGs, it can cause damage at medium range in addition to being a reliable close-range weapon. The main benefit is that it uses 9mm ammunition, which is so widely available that it would be difficult to have less than 100 rounds in every game. This is usually a fantastic choice for a secondary weapon and may even be used in conjunction with a sniper.

8. DP-28

Another versatile weapon that may be deadly when utilized properly is the DP28 light machine gun. Similar to the M416, it can accept a 6x scope, making it appropriate for close-quarters, medium-range, and long-range warfare. Although it is one of the slowest rifles to reload, it also comes with a large 47-bullet cartridge. Except for the sight, you cannot add any other attachments to this handgun. However, the DP28 is extremely consistent in terms of recoil.

9. S12K

Although the S12K shotgun has a little less power, there is greater tolerance for error. Compared to its rivals, it fires at an extremely high pace, has a larger magazine, and reloads a little quicker. Additionally, the S12K can employ more attachments. Despite the strong recoil, this is still a weapon that should only be used within the same room.

10. S686

A fantastic double-barreled shotgun that, when fired at close range, leaves no survivors. This is mostly because of its capacity to quickly fire two bullets in succession. Naturally, there is a drawback to that: if you miss a shot, you have to reload or switch weapons.


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