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Casual Games

Quiz Time

Quiz Time is a fun and exciting trivia game on Khiladi Adda where you can answer questions on a variety of topics and win real money! Quiz Time is a test of your knowledge, awareness, and ability to answer fast and correct. In this diverse range of quizzes covering topics from sports to history, you'll need a sharp mind with a passion for trivia. So what are you waiting for? Play Quiz Time again and again to acquire additional bonuses!


Get ready to sharpen your mind and challenge your vocabulary with Word Search on Khiladi Adda! This classic word puzzle game earns you real money by just finding words. It is about showcasing your concentration and it needs an eye for detail. The faster you find all the words, the higher your score and the more money you can win! Play Word Search on Khiladi Adda today and show off your word skills!

Rummy Adda

RummyAdda is a game of skill and strategy. On Khiladi Adda, you can play Rummy online with other players from all over India. We offer a variety of Rummy games to choose from like Deal, 13 cards, 2 jokers and Pool 51 mode, so you can find the perfect game for your skill level and preferences. To win at Rummy Adda, you need to arrange and play your cards wisely. Bluffing is also useful alongwith strategizing for perfect win. Join Khiladi Adda today for a fun and challenging card game to play.

Ludo Adda

Ludo, the family favorite game, gets a competitive twist on Khiladi Adda. We offer unique game modes such as Timer mode, where you'll need your quick decision-making skills to complete the game within six minutes. We also have the Classic Ludo Board Game, where you can showcase your skills, and Series mode, where you can see your next dice numbers and make more strategic judgments. Play with friends and family in our lively tournaments and leagues with Ludo skills and claim your victory.


CallBreak is a game that demands skillful awareness and precise card play. At Khiladi Adda, we're all about bringing you the most engaging and skill-driven games, and Call Break is no exception. This intriguing card game is all about strategy, prediction, and precision. To succeed in Call Break, you'll need to understand game dynamics and card counting. So, if you're ready to test your card-playing powers and strategic thinking, Call Break at Khiladi Adda is the perfect game for you.


Experience the thrill of intergalactic warfare in Droid-O. Battle against space enemies and save the galaxy just like an Avenger. Our ultimate space-faring hero fights waves of alien invaders and monstrous enemies. Droid-O is a thrilling combination of adventure and challenge, where every conquest can be converted into real cash rewards. Join the cosmic battle today at Khiladi Adda and embrace the adventure of this alien-shooting adventure

Skill Based Games

Khiladi Adda is your ultimate destination for skill-based gaming, offering a diverse range of games such as ludo, rummy, fantasy cricket, Esports and more. Test your skills and stand a chance to win up to ₹65,000 every day!














Khiladi Adda has brought a unique concept of Fantasy Sports for cricket lovers. Unlike going through the long & tiring process of making teams, you just have to choose combinations of 2 or 3 players which are already made by experts for you. When you know the player's performances, and assess the player's statistics, your chances of winning Big prizes increases. FanBattle Fantasy Cricket on Khiladi Adda, can multiply your investment upto 10 times, giving you the platform to win matches easily. .....More

You can also create combos for Kabaddi and Football on Khiladi Adda. With a wide range of players to choose from, expert advice and analysis, high payouts, and exciting tournaments throughout the year, Khiladi Adda is the best place to win from Kabaddi and Football fantasy. Join exciting tournaments and leagues on Khiladi Adda and win from ₹1 Crore Prize Pool.

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Khiladi Adda is India's premier esports gaming app, offering gamers of all skill levels the opportunity to earn real cash, and other exciting rewards by showcasing their gaming skills in Battleground India, Free Fire Max, PUBG Lite which are popular mobile games. We offer a wide range of tournaments and leagues, from high-earning events to Pro Free Fire Max leagues, with prizes worth over ₹25 lakhs distributed monthly. You can play solo, duo and squad matches.....More

Khiladi Adda also offers a variety of other features to keep gamers entertained and engaged, such as scratch cards, instant withdrawals, free leagues & frequent matches. So if you're looking for a chance to earn real cash and other amazing rewards by playing your favorite mobile games, sign up for Khiladi Adda today and start your journey to becoming an esports champion!

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User Reviews

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Won ₹17 Lacs

Khiladi Adda is the place to be! Unlike other apps, it gives you the chance to monetize your sports skills and earn money. I love my time on this platform.

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Won ₹96 Lacs

Nice platform for rummy players, easy to play, instant withdrawal, smooth playing platform... Let's play on rummy adda and win big amount.

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Won ₹26 Lacs

Just awesome apk ... Withdrawal section of this apk is very smooth...it's takes less then 2 min to withdraw your money..i love it...

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Won ₹13 Lacs

I have been playing for almost an year, Their Fantasy Cricket Format is best & easy to win, Withdrawal experience is best as they provide instant Withdrawl.

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Won ₹23 Lacs

I am Ram from Delhi I won a total of 23 Lakhs & I was the 1st on the monthly Leaderboard of June Month. I love playing on KA.

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About Khiladi Adda

Experience gaming like never before on India's biggest real-money gaming platform. Khiladi Adda offers a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience by fusing the fun of gaming with the excitement of real money

Play the best games that require skill and win real money. We have created a platform where trust is of the biggest significance because we believe in safe, trustworthy, and responsible real-money gaming. Exclusively 100% verified profiles are permitted on Khiladi Adda, which also only offers ethical skill- based games. No chance, no luck , use your skills to play games for real money instead .....More

Choose from a huge selection of games, including e-sports, fantasy cricket, and hyper-casual games. Therefore, no matter how big your aspirations are, we are always there to make them attainable. Enjoy fluid gameplay, dependable game mechanics, 24 x 7 customer support, and easy cash withdrawals to get the most out of your gameplay. Reduce distractions and increase enjoyment! Simply play games to win real money!

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This game may be habit-forming or financially risky. Play responsibly Khiladi Adda is applicable for people above 18 only. These Services are not available in the territories of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Orissa, Telangana, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Nagaland as the applicable law in these states prohibits them. Participation in the contests of Khiladi Adda is governed by the Terms & Conditions specifically provided on Khiladi Adda App.