Free Fire Max is one of the most well-known video games in the battle royale genre. With special events and awards for participants, the game recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. The brand includes graphics of the highest caliber and realistic animations, including people, pets, and more.

In order to make the overall gameplay even fairer for players, developers adhere to tight rules. With the most recent updates, Garena added a brand-new feature called Honor Score, which functions as a sort of merit system to control how players interact with other players in-game. Everything there is to know about Honor Score in Free Fire MAX is covered in this article.

How will Honor Score Impact Free Fire Max Gameplay?

Free Fire MAX Honor Score will discipline unreliable and abusive players With the Honor Score scoring system, players that fall short of a certain score may encounter a variety of problems. This is done to keep player toxicity in check throughout the game.

Gamers that engage in inappropriate behavior, such as being absent-minded, verbally assaulting others, frequently quitting matches, and engaging in toxic behavior, such as cheating other players, will see a decrease in their Honor Score.

From their profile page, players can examine their Honor Score. Players are only allowed to earn a maximum of 100 points, and engaging in the above-described unnecessary behavior will automatically lower your score. As a result, individuals must follow the game's rules and regulations if they want to avoid being penalized.

The option to report other players who are abusing you in the game has been added by Garena. Verbal abuse and other in-game conduct are examples of this.

These are the guidelines that they need to follow about their honor score:

  • If your violation rate is under 30%, no additional points will be taken away.
  • In Free Fire, there will be an additional 20% honor score deduction for violation rates between 30 and 40%.
  • If your violation rate is between 40 and 50%, your score will be reduced by an extra 40%.
  • There will be a 60% extra point deduction for answers between 50 and 70%.
  • An additional 80% of the score will be deducted for violations scoring over 70%.

For users that maintain a weekly Honor Score of 100, the developers have also provided a variety of prizes. The weekly prizes for keeping a perfect honor score for the week are 500 gold coins, 20 universal fragments, and two random loot boxes.

If a player's Honor Score falls below a minimum score, they will suffer the following consequences:

  • In C Ranked and Time-limited Ranked Mode, a score of less than 90 will result in a ban.
  • A ban will be imposed in the CS-Ranked, BR-Ranked, and Time-limited Ranked modes with a score of less than 80.
  • In team modes as well as all ranked modes, a score of less than 60 will result in a suspension.

Advice on how to raise your Honor Score in Free Fire MAX

  1. Do not abuse other players. Avoiding verbally insulting people is the finest advice players can take to keep their Honor Score at a pristine 100 in Free Fire MAX. To obtain the Booyah, they must cooperate with others while maintaining an amicable demeanor.
  2. Engage in standard gaming habits. The battle royale regulations must be followed, and players must act normally when playing video games, such as not quitting too frequently or engaging in toxic conduct. They will be able to keep up with their Honor Score improvement and receive all of the weekly honor awards in Free Fire MAX.

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