How to submit a ticket for a Special Airdrop issue in FF Help Center?

Free Fire and its MAX edition have gained worldwide acclaim among mobile gamers because of their intriguing gameplay. Player involvement has also been sustained through Garena's regular updates and other in-game content.

The in-game incentives from events have increased Free Fire's already enormous fan base, proving that Garena's consistency has been effective thus far. However, special airdrops can be used to obtain arbitrary gifts, thus events are not the only means to obtain rewards.

Random treasures can be found in Special Airdrops, which are offered at discounted prices for 24 hours on the main screen in the lobby. Rarely, players didn't get their benefits even after paying the money, though. Contacting the Help Center is therefore the only option in such circumstances.

Special Airdrop payment issues: Free Fire Help Center resolves all types of gameplay concerns

In Free Fire or its MAX version, Special Airdrop problems are not common, but when they do arise, one can quickly fix them by getting in touch with the development team. One can make a request via the FF/FF MAX Help Center because any concerns relating to Special Airdrops, diamonds, or other prizes fall within the category of payment issues

FF/FF MAX Help Center requests submission procedures

To submit a request regarding Special Airdrop issues in Garena Free Fire, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: You can access the FF/FF MAX Help Center using any web browser. You can access the official website by clicking on this link as well.

Step 2: Tap the Sign In button in the top-right corner of the official website to be sent to the login page.

Step 3: Sign into the Help Center using one of the following platforms:

  • Apple ID
  • Huawei ID
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • VK
  • Google (Gmail)

Verify that your Player ID is connected to the platform you are using for login. As a result, before accessing the Help Center while using a guest account in the game, you must bind it with a platform.

Step 4: The website will redirect to the homepage after you check in, where you must click on your Player ID and choose "Submit a Request."

Step 5: Pick a game (India: Free Fire MAX for Indian users).

The choices you must make in Step 6 before submitting your request are as follows:

Payment Issue is the type of request, and Payment - Special Airdrop not received is the type of issue.

You should select one of the following Special Airdrops sub-problems in accordance with the one you are currently dealing with:

• No Special Airdrop was delivered (missing item)

• Only one of the two Special Airdrops that were purchased and purchased twice actually arrived (many charges); (multiple charged)

• Purchased Special Airdrop three or more times.

Step 7: Enter the Transaction Receipt's serial number, a screenshot of the receipt serving as proof of payment, and a description of the issue. After verifying all the information and awaiting a response from the developer's team, you can submit the request. The My Requests feature on the homepage allows users to view the status of their submitted requests.


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