How to acquire Free Fire MAX diamonds for Season 53 Elite Pass

The Free Fire MAX Elite Pass is a reasonably priced way to get exclusive in-game cosmetics. On the Indian server, players can upgrade it for 499 diamonds, and thereafter they can do the objectives to get outfits and many additional skins.

Even yet, people still hunt for cheap ways to acquire diamonds to get the most out of the money they paid for the ticket. They frequently search for websites and deals but are blind to the game's membership and Special Airdrop options.

The two choices deliver diamonds at a rate that is comparably less expensive, raising the overall value provided by the standard Elite Pass.

Membership and Special Airdrops can Deliver Inexpensive Diamonds

Every month, the Free Fire MAX Elite Pass launches, and Season 53 did so earlier this week. It includes a large selection of cosmetics. As a result, there is a constant need for cheaper diamonds. Memberships become a wonderful source of gems in this scenario.

There are two choices accessible to you: weekly and monthly. The two also offer extra benefits, which makes the bargain even sweeter. The price difference between the two is INR 159 for the former and INR 799 for the latter. The following are the specifics and benefits:

Weekly (Total 450 diamonds)

  1. A maximum of 350 diamonds can be accrued via daily check-ins and 100 diamonds on purchases.
  2. Privileges at Discount Stores
  3. The second chance

Monthly (Total 2600 diamonds)

  1. Monthly membership icon with a maximum of 2100 diamonds accrued from daily check- ins and 500 diamonds on the purchase.
  2. Privileges at Discount Stores
  3. 5 Additional Chances
  4. Universal EP Badge 60x (2x every day)
  5. Gift Box with Weapon Skin (Get one 30-day trial gun skin)

Additionally, you have the option to activate both memberships simultaneously to have access to the Super VIP benefits, which include 15 diamonds per day and an Evo Gun Token Choice Crate.

Since the Elite Pass requires a minimum of 499 diamonds, you can either buy the Weekly membership twice for a total of INR 318. Over the next two weeks, they will receive 900 diamonds in total, which is far more than the more expensive top-up. As an alternative, you might pay a monthly membership fee in Free Fire MAX to receive 2600 diamonds, which is enough for not one, but five of these Elite Passes. therefore turning into a wise choice.

Steps For Purchasing a Free Fire MAX Membership

You can use Free Fire MAX to carry out the instructions below:

Step 1: Click the icon in the top left corner of the screen to access the membership section. Make the payment using the preferred method (Image via Garena)

Step 2: Select the button next to the necessary membership choice, then pay to activate it.

Step 3: Through daily check-ins, collect diamonds and other prizes that are appropriate.

Special Airdrops

In addition to memberships, Free Fire MAX's Special Airdrops are an affordable way to get inexpensive diamonds. These are distributed at random, so the cost and the offer may change significantly. Even while you can use them anytime, they arise, relying completely on them might not be the greatest course of action.


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