How to Fix the "Transaction failed 2999" error in FF MAX?

Players can find numerous accessories or skins to personalize their in-game persona in Free Fire MAX's vast item catalog. Users can purchase various products in Garena via time-limited events, the in-game shop, Royale Pass, Elite Pass, and a variety of other methods. To purchase such products, gamers must often have access to enough in-game cash.

The majority of transactions in Garena Free Fire MAX are carried out primarily through the usage of diamonds. Diamonds are an in-game currency that players must buy before using them to purchase various collectibles. However, occasionally there can be problems with payments, such as the "Transaction failed 2999" message, which frequently results from a bad internet connection.

Free Fire MAX transaction failure error 2999: what caused it and how to fix it

As previously noted, one may encounter a problem like "Transaction failed 2999." Such notifications appear for the uninitiated when gamers attempt to make an in-game purchase but have a shaky internet connection. Until players switch to a higher-quality connection, the problem frequently persists.

How to fix the transaction failed error 2999 in Free Fire (FF) Max

How to fix the transaction failed error 2999 in Free Fire (FF) Max

  1. Check that the signal is strong and the internet connection is steady.
  2. Verify the device is using the proper mobile communications protocol (5G or 4G).
  3. Data saving mode is not active since it can occasionally impede data connections.
  4. If at all feasible, play the game over Wi-Fi rather than a data connection because it is far better.
  5. Avoid utilizing free or public WiFi because the bandwidth is typically low.
  6. Before starting the game, terminate all running programs.
  7. After starting the game, double-check to see if any other apps are running in the background or not.
  8. If the notice keeps appearing, try restarting the gadget. To resolve the IP and DNS issues, it would be preferable if you also restarted the smartphone or tablet.
  9. The FF support team recommends restarting a device once every five days.

How to take help from Garena FF support through the help center?

You can sometimes fix the problem if it is caused by the payment method by altering the default transaction mode. But if nothing works, you should get in touch with Garena FF support through the help center and submit a request by doing as follows:

Step 1: Use this link to access the Free Fire MAX help page: us

Step 2: Use the "Sign In" button to access the assistance center and select the social media to account linked to the Free Fire MAX Player ID. Sadly, there is no provision for guest accounts in the assistance center. Therefore, it is advised to use the in-game settings to link your guest account to a particular social media site if you have one.

Step 3: After logging in, go back to the homepage and tap on your username to reveal three options: My Requests, submit a Request, and Sign Out.

Step 4: Choose Free Fire MAX under "Submit a Request" on the next step.

Step 5: Select "Game Concerns" for the request type and "Technical Issue" for the problem type.

Step 6: In the description box, describe the problem and any supporting data (screenshots or videos).

Before sending the request, you should be sure that the problem is not the result of a shaky internet connection. Put a check in the boxes that are required and then press the submit button. It will take some time for the Free Fire MAX team to respond to the request. Check out the "My Requests" section to get an update on the resolution.


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