The Free Fire OB35 Advance Server’s features had been thoroughly tested over several days, and today’s upgrade was supposed to make them all available. The patch notes, which detail various updated character abilities, weapon adjustments, and UI changes among other changes in the new version, have already been made public by the DEVS.

Users won’t be able to access the new content until the servers come back online because the scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. The anticipation endures despite the lengthy wait. The OB35 update has already been released by Garena, and players may visit their stores to get the patch.

How iOS Users Can Update Free Fire Max?

The following instructions can be used by Android users to update the Garena Free Fire Max game:

1. They should first open the Google Play Store and use the search bar to look for Free Fire MAX.

2. Users must choose the best option from the results that are displayed on the screen.

3. The last step is to click the update/install button. Gamers can launch the application after it has finished downloading.

How iOS Users Can Update Free Fire Max

iOS users can finish the Free Fire MAX OB35 update by following the below-mentioned process:

Step 1: They should first launch the App Store and look for the battle royale game.

Step 2: Players can install the most recent game version by clicking the update button.

As an alternative, they may go to the App Store and tap on the symbol for their profile at the top of the page. Gamers may scroll down to the software that needs an update, select Free Fire MAX, and click the update icon next to it.

Free Fire Max Update Size

On Android and iOS devices, the update’s size ranges from 400 to 600 MB. People need to make sure they have ample storage.

Free Fire Max Update Time

Regardless of the platform, users are unable to access the battle royale game even after downloading the most recent version until and unless the servers are up. The maintenance is scheduled to conclude in the Indian region at 5:10 p.m. IST (GMT +5:30), however, the precise time may differ somewhat depending on the server that users are using.

Updates in the Latest Free Fire Max OB35

  • UI upgrade with improved aesthetics, mode choice, and daily tasks
  • Characters like Miguel, Andrew, Hayato, Joseph, Nikita, and Antonio have balanced character abilities
  • Map balancing and scoring improvements for Clash Squad
  • Available in Clash Squad and Battle Royale modes is the new Super Med
  • Adjustments to the safe zone and war chest in the Battle Royale mode
  • New Bizon SMG
  • Weapon modification (Famas-III, M14-III, Scar, G36, UMP, M24, and M1887)
  • New game mechanics include the in-game command wheel and the gloo wall smart throw
  • Replay function for highlights
  • New voices for interactive characters
  • Preferred character choice
  • Craftland upgrades

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