Free Fire India ban: Why no Return Date has Been Set Yet

The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for India stopped listing Garena Free Fire on February 12, 2022. Some others believed it to be a response from Google and Apple in response to a lawsuit Krafton filed alleging Free Fire violated copyright. Furthermore, Garena’s silence fueled the ban allegations.

Garena suffered a serious loss in the Indian market as a result of the ban that the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology imposed on Free Fire amid ban rumors.

One of the 54 applications that the Indian government rejected for security, defense, and sovereignty-related issues included Garena’s Free Fire shooter.

Why is Garena’s Free Fire Not Comeback in India?

Since Garena’s Free Fire was replaced by its MAX variant in the Indian market three months ago, it appears that the ship has sailed. As developers attempted to relaunch the game as Free Fire MAX India, fans could retrieve their IDs through the MAX version.

The departure from the original game and rebranding of the MAX variation only suggested one possible direction in which Garena has moved on and is unlikely to take any action that may further harm its reputation in the Indian Market. They continue to concentrate on their second game i.e. Free Fire Max.

Will India also outlaw Free Fire Max?

Many people are wondering whether the Indian government will outlaw free fire max in India following the ban on free fire. We would like to inform you that the Indian government has not released any information indicating that Freefire Max is now prohibited. However, if the Indian government believes that its data is being compromised in the future and that this could compromise both the integrity and security of the nation as well as the privacy of any individual, they can ban Free fire Max too.

If the free fire company (Garena) and the Indian government reach an agreement, the Indian government will lift the prohibition on the free fire game in India. Therefore, it’s probable that the free fire game will once again be accessible in India and on the App Store.

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