4 Ways to Obtain Free Skin in PUBG Mobile

One of the most popular battle royale games worldwide is PUBG Mobile. The game has become quite famous and is well-known for letting players customize how they look. Players may customize their character’s appearance by equipping a wide variety of clothing options and weaponry skins. Many cosmetic modifications in the game need money to purchase, although not all of them do. Players are constantly searching for methods to obtain free outfits or gun skins in PUBG Mobile. In this post, we will discuss the 4 ways using which you can get free skins in PUBG mobile.

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How to Get Free Skin in PUBG Mobile?

Here are the 4 different ways using which you can easily get free skins in PUBG Mobile

Redeem Section

Players may visit the redemption area of the PUBG Mobile shop to buy new clothes for their wardrobes. With the use of silver fragments, players in the game get access to several epic and uncommon costumes. Every time a new season of the game begins, these awards are updated. From this area, players may purchase both clothing and weapon skins.

2. Royale Pass

The Royale Pass is the second method on the list for obtaining some free outfits and weapon skins. Each time a new season of the game begins, the makers offer a new Royale Pass. There are always certain weapon skins and costumes included in the free Royale Pass rewards for players that are unable to purchase the Elite Royale Pass.

3. Redeem Codes

Another important approach to receive some free outfits and skins on PUBG mobile is through redeeming codes. A player may redeem coupons and receive the item immediately into their account by going to the official PUBG Mobile Redeem page. The main drawback is that the majority of them have a usage cap or are limited-time promotions. In order to use these codes as quickly as possible, gamers must be on the lookout for them.

4. Crate

Many exquisite clothes and weapon skins are released by PUBG Mobile as prizes in crates. Players have a chance to obtain a permanent outfit or weapon skins for themselves in one of three categories of crates (Premium, Classic, and Supply crates). Therefore, make an effort to open several of these boxes in order to obtain mythic or legendary attire for your virtual avatar.
There are several daily events and short-lived events that provide players with clothes that are either permanent or temporary, as well as cool-looking weapon finishes. To obtain these prizes and unlock skins for themselves, players must finish the necessary quests.


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