Top 20 fantasy cricket apps in India (2023)

What's Online Fantasy Cricket?

Online fantasy cricket is a virtual game that allows cricket fans to create their own fantasy teams of real cricket players and compete against other participants. It adds an extra layer of excitement to watching cricket matches.

How to play fantasy cricket and win real money?

Following are the steps for You to help play Online Cricket:


Choose a Fantasy Cricket Platform: Start by selecting a reputable fantasy cricket platform or app. Ensure it offers a secure and legal environment for playing fantasy sports.


Register and Create Your Account : Sign up on the chosen platform by providing your details. Some platforms may require age verification to ensure compliance with legal requirements.


Select a Match : Once registered, you can select a cricket match or series that is available on the platform. Most platforms cover various formats like T20, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and Test matches.


Create Your Fantasy Team: You'll be given a virtual budget to assemble your fantasy cricket team. Each player is assigned a specific value based on their performance record. You have to strategically pick a combination of batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders, and a wicketkeeper while staying within the budget.


Choose Your Captain and Vice-Captain: Your chosen captain earns double the points, while the vice-captain earns 1.5 times the points. Select these positions wisely, usually opting for in-form players.


Join Contests: Join different contests or leagues offered by the platform. These can range from free contests to ones with entry fees. Prizes are typically higher in contests with entry fees.


Follow the Match: As the actual cricket match progresses, your fantasy team earns points based on the real-time performance of the players you've chosen. Points are awarded for runs scored, wickets taken, catches, run-outs, and more.


Keep an Eye on Live Scores: Many fantasy cricket platforms provide live scores and updates, helping you track your team's performance during the match.


Check the Leaderboard: Once the match concludes, you can view the leaderboard to see how your team performed in comparison to others. Prizes are usually awarded to the top-performing teams.


Withdraw Your Winnings: If you win, you can withdraw your winnings through the platform's designated payment methods. Ensure you meet any withdrawal requirements, such as verifying your identity.

Here is the list of apps where you can earn money

1.) Dream11

Dream11 is the oldest fantasy cricket app in the world. Launched in 2008, Dream11 app holds the biggest player base of more than 80 million users which is the highest among all the fantasy cricket platforms in the country. The Dream11 app is available to download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. After downloading the application, users get a sign-up bonus INR 100 in the app wallet. Dream11 hosts multiple contests on its app in other sports including football, basketball, baseball, handball, etc.

2.) Khiladi Adda

Launched in 2019, Khiladi Adda has gained massive popularity among the cricket fantasy lovers. Khiladi Adda has over 10k daily active users on the fantasy platform. With 3 Million+ registered players and ₹1 Crore daily winnings prizepool, Khiladi Adda is the only fantasy platform that offers esports and gaming tournaments. Users can download the Khiladi Adda application from the website . Use code ADDA20 to get a signup reward of ₹25. Additionally, users can play esports games, quizzes, and CASUAL GAMES available on the platform. Khiladi Adda has Fantasy Cricket where you just need to choose 4 players, no 11 players, no captain.

3.) My11Circle

If you avoid taking risks, then My11Circle app is made for you. This platform offers players small leagues and contests where the risk factor is low compared to big contests held on the platform. My11Circle has over 40 million downloads till the time of writing this blog. The platform offers contests in multiple sports including kabaddi, football etc. Cricket geeks can download the app from the official website or from the Play Store and Apple App Store. Users get a joining bonus of Rs 500 after they successfully register to the app.

4.) MyTeam11

MyTeam11 is another app in the list which is liked by millions of fantasy cricket lovers. The app was launched in 2016 and has over 18 million downloads. Apart from real money, players participating in the contests can also get a chance to win exciting prizes like an Audi car. The sign-up bonus on MyTeam11 is Rs 100 which can be used to participate in different contests. Users can download the app from the Google Play Store and Apple App store or from the official website of MyTeam11.

5.) Ballebaazi

Ballebaazi is one of those apps which comes with a user-friendly interface. Apart from Cricket, Ballebaazi offers contests in different sports categories including football, kabaddi, baseball, basketball, etc. Ballebaazi has over 8 million users who enjoy playing multiple games on this platform. The app gives a joining bonus of Rs 50 to its users and the referral bonus of Rs 50 as well. You can download this app from the official website of Ballebaazi.

6.) Vision11

Launched in 2020, Vision11 is one of the fastest growing fantasy platforms in recent times. The app has gained over 10 million users in a short span of time, all thanks to the stutter free UI experience that it offers to the users. Users can download the Vision11 app from the official website or from various online stores. While signing up on the platform, the user gets a joining bonus of Rs 100 with the same amount of withdrawal limit.

7.) MPL

MPL stands for Mobile Premier League, the app was founded in 2018. MPL offers a great variety of games to its users in the form of casual games, puzzle games, and fantasy games. MPL hosts different contests in the fantasy section and gives instant withdrawal options to the users. MPL has been downloaded by more than 70 million users. Players who download the MPL app get a joining bonus of Rs 50 in their gaming account. Apart from that, users can also withdraw as low as Rs 1 from their MPL gaming account.

8.) Paytm First Games

As the name suggests, this fantasy platform was launched by the financial technology company, Paytm. The app was launched in 2018 and was initially called Gamepind. This app has a feature called Gurus, it is a section where a beginner can get expert opinions along with tips and tricks on how to win challenges hosted on the application. This platform also provides practice contests absolutely for free. The sign up bonus on the Paytm First Games is Rs 50.

9.) Fantasy Akhada

The number nine on the list is Fantasy Akhada which was launched by Super Six Sports Gaming Private Limited in 2020. The app is extremely easy to use and hence good for the beginner level user. Additionally, the app offers 24x7 customer support which comes handy whenever users face any kind of issue on the app. Fantasy Akhada also gives a sign-up bonus of Rs 500 after the user downloads the app.

10.) Howzat

Howzat is another amazing fantasy app, it enables users to play fantasy contests even during the live match. The app was launched in 2018 and became instantly popular because of its features. Howzat has over 25 million downloads and offers a sign-up bonus of Rs 500. The minimum payout on this platform is Rs 200 which can be withdrawn from Paytm and other UPI apps.

11.) Real11

Real11 is the platform that players prefer the most since it offers them wonderful features like spot & live fantasy, second innings competitions, and offers contests that only require a little charge of Rs 1. It has a user-friendly layout, and its referral programme is also admirable. You only need to download the app and complete the registration by validating your email address and mobile number. Users can get a signing bonus of Rs 50.

12.) Winzo

This app offers a great variety of games to the users. Apart from fantasy cricket, this app has ludo, fruit samurai, carrom, basketball, bubble shooter, pool, etc. If a user registers with the Winzo app for the first time, he/she gets a signing bonus of Rs 50 in their app wallet. Players can download the app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store depending on which device they use.

13.) Gamezy

Gamezy was launched in June 2017, the app has over 25 million downloads. The app comes with different options to users to earn real money on their platform. Fantasy cricket on Gamezy is as easy as you like since the chances of winning is high compared to other apps due to less competition. Gamezy gives a joining bonus of Rs 100 when a user registers to the platform. Users can also earn Rs 100 by referring the app to their friends and family.

14.) Fan2Play

Fan2Play is yet another fantasy cricket platform which offers great winnings to its users. Users can participate in 1v1 contests by creating their own team where the user with the highest points wins and takes the prize pool. While signing up on the platform, users get a 200% welcome bonus up to INR 1000 on their first deposit. The app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store for download.

15.) iGamio

iGamio is an ideal for newer gamers because it caters to their desire for live sporting action and recognises their needs. They offer an excellent referral programme in which they pay users a respectable sum. Additionally, they offer users discounts of up to 20% off their initial purchases.The chances of winning is relatively high on this platform as the competition is comparatively less when compared to other fantasy cricket platforms. Users can make their own teams, join existing teams, and make money on this site, which is designed just for cricket gamers.

16.) 11Challengers

The app on the 16th position in this list is 11Challegers. The app was launched in 2020 and offers great user experience to its users. Users get a joining bonus of Rs 100 after downloading the app. The refer and earn program is the most highlighted feature of this platform. Users get Rs 50 and 20% of the amount after the referred person successfully signs up on the platform.

17.) CrickPe

CrickPe is the newest launched fantasy platform by the famous business tycoon Ashneer Grover. Apart from users, this app also pays a certain amount to the cricketers based on their performance in matches. The sign-up bonus on this platform is Rs 50 which can be used to participate in the contests held on the CrickPe platform. Additionally, you can use the referral and earn program and get Rs 25 on the successful referral. The application is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store and from the official CrickPe website as well.

18.) Royal11

This app has a less user base compared to all the fantasy platforms on the list. Hence the chances of winning the contest increases by a lot. The app has achieved over 100k users and is only available to download on Google Play Store and the official website of Royal11. After downloading the app, users get a joining bonus of Rs 100. The minimum withdrawal limit on the Royal11 app is Rs 200.

19.) 11Wickets

This app holds a decent amount of player base which is more than 4 million. The platform hosts contests in multiple games cricket, kabaddi, football, basketball, and baseball. Users can participate in any of the contests and use their skills to earn money at the same time. A user new to this platform gets a joining bonus of Rs 50 after successfully verifying their details on the platform. Players can also use referral program to earn extra money in their gaming wallet.

20.) MyFab11

If you're a beginner in the world of fantasy cricket , then this app can help you to learn about how the game works. The app has over 4 million users and is the official partner of the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). The app can be downloaded from their own official website or from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It offers lowest competition and lowest entry fee to participate in the contests held on the platform. It comes with a signing bonus of Rs 100 for its users with a minimum withdrawal limit of Rs 150.

Why Choose KhiladiAdda for Fantasy Cricket ?

When it comes to Fantasy Cricket, Khiladi Adda stands out as the ultimate choice. Our innovative approach lets you create dynamic 4-player combos, a refreshing escape from the traditional 11-player teams. Engage in head-to-head matches within our diverse range of tournaments, offering an adventurous gaming experience. Gain peace of mind with our commitment to a lifetime 100% TDS return, ensuring you fully enjoy your hard-earned winnings. Our expert-curated combos guarantee a strategic edge, giving a balance in fantasy score points. Plus, inviting friends not only adds to the benefits but also rewards you with a generous 2% referral earnings from their deposits. With Khiladi Adda, your Fantasy Cricket journey becomes a winning adventure on every level. For this, we provide you two modules where you can select combos or create your own. Download from


In Fanbattle, you can choose from five different battles featuring pre-made combinations of 2, 3, or 4 players. You need to invest in expert-curated combos which require analyzing real-life players’ past performances, reading the pitch/ground knowledge, and player stats. The more wisely you choose your combos, the greater your chances of winning.


ClashX allows you to go head-to-head by creating your own combo of 4 players - a bowler, batsman, wicket-keeper, and all-rounder. Based on the performance of these chosen players in actual matches, participants earn points. The goal is to strategize and build a combo that outperforms other participant. In-depth cricket knowledge and thorough player stats analysis serve as a valuable assets.

Get Ready to Show Off Your Skills

Remember to play responsibly and within your budget. Fantasy cricket is a game of skill, but it also involves an element of luck. Skills in team selection and player analysis can increase your chances of winning real money prizes.

Lastly, always ensure that you are playing on a legal and authorized fantasy cricket platform, adhering to your state's gambling regulations and guidelines.


This game may be habit-forming or financially risky. Play responsibly Khiladi Adda is applicable for people above 18 only. Participating in skill contests for real cash awards is permitted throughout India, except in certain States (Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland, Telangana, Sikkim, Odisha, Meghalaya and Tamil Nadu) that prohibit playing any games for real cash. Please review our Responsible Gaming policies to ensure a fun and safe gaming experience since real cash is involved to play these skill-based games.

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