Today, there is no denying that cricketer Virat Kohli is the most well-liked in the world. A prodigy at the plate, electrifying in the field, and brutal in command. Over the years of his work, the 31-year-old has developed into an unheard-of individual. Today, Kohli is a true worldwide icon who attracts attention from all directions. He is a statistician’s dream since he consistently breaks records when he enters the cricket field. Virat Kohli has an impressive number of accomplishments, but there are also some unknown facts about him.

Moreover, he has established himself as the master of the pursuit, and the entire world knows it. He is now the only player in all forms with an average of 50. However, the world is unaware of several other fascinating and little-known facts about King Kohli.


7 Lesser-Known Facts about Virat Kohli

1. The highest 100 T20 runs overall

Virat Kohli is a complete player who excels in all game formats. In his T20 career in international cricket, he has achieved remarkable heights. With 2994 runs and twenty-four ’50s, the maestro has the most runs scored in T20 international matches.

His top performance was 122* against Afghanistan in Asia Cup 2022. He already is one of the highest scorers in T20. The upcoming T20 International World Cup will hopefully see India’s run machine accomplish more of such centuries.

2. Three Times Wisden Leading Cricketer

The oldest cricket record book in the world, Wisden has ranked King Kohli the top cricketer in the world three times. The most prestigious cricket book is the one published in the UK and is also referred to as the “Bible of Cricket.” The top cricketer in the world is selected by Wisden every year based on their performances over the previous 12 months.

Only Virat Kohli has been awarded the best cricketer in the world on three separate occasions. And from 2016 to 2019, he won it three times in a row.

3. One of the Captains who declared the innings after scoring 250

Intending to lead his side to victory, Virat Kohli has always been a team player. He never prioritizes personal goals, and he never evaluates a game solely on his stats. The Indian captain beat South Africa in Pune in 2019 and recorded his best Test score.

He had plenty of time in the Test match, so the audience was hoping he would get his first triple century. Everyone was taken aback when Virat unexpectedly declared an innings while batting on 254*. He became one of a select group of captains who declared the innings when they reached 250. Others include Michael Clarke, Stephen Fleming, and Peter May. When Kohli had the chance to become the first skipper of India to achieve the historic 300, he opted to put the team’s needs ahead of his own.

4. Most 150s as a non-opener in an ODI

150 runs in an ODI inning is a lot, especially if you are not your team’s opening batsman. With four, Kohli owns the record for the most 150s by a non-opener. The great man has already scored 150 runs four times, including 183 against Pakistan, 160 against South Africa, 157 against the West Indies, and 154 against New Zealand.

On three instances when he made a score higher than 150, India won. India only failed to do it once, when the game was tied and they were playing the West Indies at Vizag.

5. King Kohli’s Favorite Sportsman

Roger Federer has long been one of cricketer Virat Kohli’s favorite non-cricket sports figures. He has always respected the tennis legend’s demeanor both on and off the court. Many times that Kohli has personally met Federer, he has posted pictures on social media.

Additionally, he said that Federer recognized him when he ran into him and his wife Anushka at the Australian Open in 2019. During their encounter, Kohli questioned Federer about his approach to training and how he views sports.

6. Winning every ICC award in a single year

As the first and only cricketer to ever win all the major International Cricket Council awards, Virat Kohli created history in 2018. The ICC honored the standout batsman for his outstanding performance in 2018 across all formats. He received honors for ICC Test Player of the Year, ICC ODI Player of the Year, and Garfield Sobers Cricketer of the Year. Moreover, he scored 1,322 Test runs, 1202 ODI runs, and 211 T20 International runs in 2018.

7. Tattoos on Virat Kohli’s body

Virat Kohli has a reputation for showing off a lot of tattoos on his body. How many does he have, though? The answer is Kohli has nine tattoos on his body. His tattoos include the names of his parents, Prem and Saroj, Lord Shiva, a monastery, the numbers 175, and 269 on his ODI and Test caps, tribal art, the Japanese Samurai, the God’s Eye, and the Om symbol. In addition, each tattoo on his body has a deep meaning that helps him understand where he was and where he is today.


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