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Let’s learn How to play our Childhood Favourite Game.

Ludo Adda is an exciting game that brings the joy of the traditional board game Ludo to your mobile device. Whether you're new to Ludo or have played it before, this simple guide will help you understand how to play Ludo Adda and have a great time with your friends and family.

1. Getting Started:

To begin, download the Khiladi Adda app from our official and secure website www.khiladiadda.com. Install the apk from your Device’s File Explorer/Folder and open the App.

2. Install Ludo Adda App:

Use your Name and Mobile Number to sign up and Put in code: Ludo20 to earn ₹25 Signup Cash. Upon registering, A Game section will be launched. Click on Ludo Adda Icon and tap on Download to Play Ludo and Earn money in Khiladi Adda App.

3. Selecting Players:

Ludo Adda on Khiladi Adda! Gather your friends or family members who are eager to play, and choose your preferred mode. If you're looking to play with your friend, Start a Challenge for an intense one-on-one showdown. If you want to play with your family, Join a Tournament for an exhilarating four-player match. Simply navigate to the Khiladi Adda Home screen and select the Ludo Tournament icon for tournaments or choose the Ludo Adda or Ludo King icon to begin a thrilling challenge.

4. Choosing Tokens:

Each player will have their own set of tokens or game pieces. These tokens come in different colors, so you can identify yours and navigate your way to winning. Everyone will have a unique color to easily identify their tokens to play Ludo on the game board.

5. Rolling the Dice:

In Ludo Adda, the game uses virtual dice. On your turn, simply tap on the dice to roll it. The number that appears on the dice determines how many spaces your token can move. When you are in Series Mode on Ludo Adda, you can even see your upcoming 6 moves to help you plan your way better.

6. Moving Tokens:

When it's your turn, tap on one of the tokens you wish to move. The game will highlight the possible moves based on the number rolled on the dice. Choose the highlighted move you want to make, and your token will move automatically.

7. Special Spaces:

Pay attention to special spaces on the board, such as safe zones and home areas. Safe zones protect your tokens from being captured by opponents, and the home area is where your tokens need to reach to win the game.

8. Capturing Opponent's Tokens:

If your token lands on a space already occupied by an opponent's token, its token will be sent back to the starting area. Use this strategy wisely to gain an advantage over your opponents. This strategy gets even more necessary when you play Ludo in Timer Mode.

9. Reaching Home:

To enter your token into the home area, you must roll the required number. Once a token reaches the home area, it is safe from capture.

10. Winning the Game:

The first player to successfully move all their tokens to the home area is the winner of Ludo Adda. Celebrate your victory and enjoy the excitement of this classic game!

Now that you understand the basic rules and tips of Ludo Adda, gather your friends or family members, and start playing this entertaining game on Khiladi Adda to earn money. Remember, the goal is to have fun, so enjoy the friendly competition and make unforgettable memories together.

Download the Khiladi Adda app now and embark on your Ludo Adda adventure!


This game may be habit-forming or financially risky. Play responsibly Khiladi Adda is applicable for people above 18 only. Participating in skill contests for real cash awards is permitted throughout India, except in certain States (Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland, Telangana, Sikkim, Odisha, Meghalaya and Tamil Nadu) that prohibit playing any games for real cash. Please review our Responsible Gaming policies to ensure a fun and safe gaming experience since real cash is involved to play these skill-based games.

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