3 Upcoming Mobile titles that can revive mobile esports in India

Mobile gaming industry seems to have taken a massive toll as two popular mobile titles BGMI and Free Fire have been banned in India. The Indian government banned these two titles under section 69A of the IT act. BGMI and Free Fire were the driving force behind the growth of mobile esports in India. Both the titles had a huge playerbase which resulted in high viewership during the tournaments. While the publishers of the banned titles are trying to bring them back in India, the players are looking to explore CASUAL GAMES and trying to build a competitive career in them. However, the options at the current moment seems to be limited as games like New State Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile have failed build a big playerbase for themselves. Although the situation seems grim for mobile gamers, there is still a hope as many gaming publishers have shared their plans to launch mobile games of their existing PC titles around the globe. Here are three upcoming mobile games that can revive mobile esports in India:

3 Upcoming Mobile titles in 2023

1.) Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

Activision Blizzard announced Warzone for the mobile platform in September 2022. The game is currently in its early stage and has been soft launched in Australia. Call of Duty: Warzone was launched for PC, consoles and Xbox in March 2020 and became an instant hit. Activision Blizzard has already set up a great hype for the mobile version of the title. Warzone Mobile is expected to launch globally in 2023 on iOS and Android platform. It will also carry forward the classic maps of the PC version which is Verdansk. Activision has made big promises in terms of gameplay experience to the players. The publisher mentioned that the game will not have a single bot at the time of global launch. With all the hype around Warzone Mobile, the game can boost the growth of mobile esports if Activision introduces a competitive roadmap of it.

2.) Valorant Mobile

Riot Games announced Valorant Mobile during the first anniversary event of Valorant in 2021. The free-to-play FPS title has already achieved big milestones in the PC category. Valorant’s growth in the competitive scene has earned it the ‘Esports game of the year’ award at the Esports Award 2022. Valorant Mobile will be no less than its predecessor and would carry forward the legacy of it. Valorant Mobile’s testing was recently leaked in China hinting towards the launch of it. However, there isn’t any official statement from the publisher regarding the exact launch date of the game.

3.) Super People

Developed by South Korean Gaming studio Wonder Games, this game is based on battle royale theme just like PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG). The game was launched on 10 October 2022, however, the developer has announced its plans of releasing a mobile version of the game. Super People is closely related to the PUBG: Battlegrounds with characters having some special abilities.


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