5 Differences between BGMI & New State Mobile

5 Differences between BGMI and New State mobile

With the recent release of Battlegrounds Mobile India and the upcoming expansion of the PUBG universe with its most recent launch, New State Mobile, Krafton has a lot on its plate. While the popular mobile battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India is exclusive to India, New State Mobile is meant to take place in 2051 in the dystopian city of Troi, which has seen the political, economic, and environmental collapse. Please take note that the Indian government just outlawed BGMI. In this blog, let us see some of the key differences between BGMI and New State Mobile.

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5 Differences Between BGMI and New State Mobile

1) Technological marvels

Players in PUBG New State will have access to a tonne of tools and items that they can use to their advantage in gunfights. Since PUBG New State is set in 2051, these devices are an addition to the game.

The developers want to provide players with a distinctive gaming experience that will make them adapt and utilize different tactics to win games. But at the time, these tools are not available in BGMI.

2) Background and Timeline

The events of New State Mobile are set in the near future and bring a new twist to the gameplay of PUBG Mobile which takes place in a dystopian metropolis called Troi in the American Midwest in the year 2051. Factions like New State, GLC, Mayhem, and the Hunters are fighting for survival in the town, which is in a state of anarchy. Former residents of Troi make up the New State faction.

The setting of Battlegrounds Mobile India is the present. According to Krafton, the gameplay in New State Mobile will be an enhancement of the gameplay in BGMI right now. So, one of the key distinctions between BGMI and New State Mobile is the timeline and premise.

3) Maps

Players will get the ability to engage in combat on the brand-new 8×8 Troi battlefield in New State Mobile. Exhibit Hall, The Mall, Laboratory, and Trailer Park are a few of the important locations in the city.

Regarding any more maps they intend to publish for New State, Krafton has not officially stated anything. The standard PUBG maps, such as Erangel, Livik, Miramar, Sanhok, and Karakin, are all present in BGMI.

4) Vehicles and Arms

In addition to some of the classics found in BGMI, New State Mobile includes modern weapons and vehicles. The Volta, a refined electric vehicle, the Vulture, a powerful motorcycle, and the Tram, a train system that travels around Troi are examples of new vehicles. New Dyneema armor and drone credits, available through the drone shop, will also be available in New State. A brand-new weapon modification kit in New State will allow players to alter guns in ways that have never been possible before. Moreover, there are currently several weapons in the BGMI arsenal, each with a restricted number of attachment choices.

5) System Requirements

Below are the minimum system requirements for New State Mobile for Android and iOS users for the best experience:

1. A minimum of 2GB of RAM and Android OS 6.0 or higher.

2. iPhone 6S and later iOS devices running iOS 13.0 or later.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has slightly more lenient requirements for both Android and iOS devices:

1. A minimum of 2 GB of RAM and Android OS 5.1.1 or higher.

2. iPhone 6s and later iOS devices running iOS 9.0 or above.


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