Why Choose Khiladi Adda to Begin your E-Sports Gaming Journey?

With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting like a train to everyone, esports gaming platforms came like a breath of fresh air. It’s something that has no age bar, if you are a diehard fan of any game you can try your luck at it.

From playing classic games such as Ludo to action-packed competitive games like Free Fire, esports gaming apps are a river of content. But you might get stuck while searching for the “perfect” app tailored to your taste.

What if we make the choice easier for you? Instead of wandering around like a lost puppy, find the ideal app here.

Khiladi Adda - A Place Where Gaming Skills Meet Rewards

We created the Khiladi Adda app with a single goal in mind - Creating the perfect place for anyone who wants to try their luck at playing games and winning prizes.

To strive towards that goal, our talented team put their heads together and designed one of the fastest-growing esports gaming apps out there.

Of course, testing skills in esports games is a big attraction for users, but there is so much more than just that.

If you have tried out games like Ludo King or Free Fire and want to relax for a bit? Why not try out a quiz to test your knowledge? The quizzes offer questions from a wide range of topics. From trending sports matters to the golden Bollywood questions. KA’s quizzes section is your home to numerous gripping quizzes.

Fan Battle

There is a popular saying that says, “Cricket is like a religion in India.” Some might even say that it unites the people of India in a way that is somewhat unparalleled. It would be a grave mistake to not include our users a taste of Cricket on our app.

Keeping that in mind, we provide a fantasy sports game around cricket known as “Fan Battle.” In layman’s terms, it is a place to flaunt your cricket knowledge while predicting the results of the latest matches all around the world.

Fantasy cricket is not a new thing by any means, but we simplified it for our users. All you need to do is pick a set of predetermined combos for an ongoing game.

Choose wisely and you would win tremendous rewards and maybe further fall in love with the sport.

Sharing is Caring

What fun is gaming without adding a little bit of competitive spirit to it? Once you are sure you have mastered your skills as an esports gamer, it’s time to spread the word around.

You can play games with your friends and find out who is better! But wait there’s more, why not bag in a few more rewards as you bring your friends over to the Khiladi Adda app.

Just head over to the “My Referral” in the top left corner and invite your friends to join the fun via your code.

In this way, you will earn extra rewards through our one-of-a-kind referral policy, where you open the door to winning more and more coins. The process is quite simple - you will be rewarded 2% of whatever your friend adds to their wallet in your deposit account.

For example, if your friend adds 10,000 coins to their wallet you will make 200 coins off that transaction.

That’s enough talk, why don’t you try out the Khiladi Adda app and indulge in the above-mentioned features!