5 Android Games like Battleground’s Mobile India (BGMI)

Players from all around the world enjoy BGMI because it works with entry-level gadgets. Unfortunately, India has outlawed it.

There are many different games available for free download from the Google Play Store. Players may look through the list provided below if they’re looking for games similar to Battleground’s Mobile India (BGMI).

5 Android Games like Battleground’s Mobile India (BGMI)

New Estate Mobile

There is no certainty that a lighter version of New Estate Mobile will be released, despite Battleground’s Mobile India (BGMI) supporters’ requests. New Estate Mobile creators (Krafton) think that low-end devices can run the game. It can be downloaded on a smartphone with 1.5 GB of RAM, according to the Google Play Store.

Free Fire Max

The events of Free Fire MAX play out very much like any other battle royale. You must time your parachute jump over the island perfectly. The battle royale game Free Fire MAX is fantastic and provides a truly enjoyable and addicting gaming experience. We’re discussing a truly excellent substitute for individuals who wish to experience the same Free Fire but with superior visuals.

ScarFall: The Royale Combat

This game’s setting and gameplay are quite similar to Battleground’s Mobile India (BGMI). In order to survive, players can utilize supplies and weapons. It goes without saying that it is less storage-intensive and compatible with low-end devices. Players may download it by clicking this link.

Cover Fire

One of the top shooting games that users may play on their mobile devices is Cover Fire. Sniper fans can also participate in the game’s online sniper tournaments. Mobile players can employ a wide variety of weaponry in the game. Players of this game will undoubtedly be reminded of Battleground’s Mobile India (BGMI) by its realistic gameplay.

Free survival: fire battlegrounds

This game, like Battleground’s Mobile India (BGMI), is primarily about shooting adversaries to live. The fact that this shooter game can be played offline is one of its greatest features. Beginners can take pleasure in the story mode and relish taking out bots in battle royale games.


This game may be habit-forming or financially risky. Play responsibly Khiladi Adda is applicable for people above 18 only. Participating in skill contests for real cash awards is permitted throughout India, except in certain States (Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland, Telangana, Sikkim, Odisha, Meghalaya and Tamil Nadu) that prohibit playing any games for real cash. Please review our Responsible Gaming policies to ensure a fun and safe gaming experience since real cash is involved to play these skill-based games.

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