10 Best Garena’s Free Fire Guns – Ranked

Garena Free Fire makes sense to have a distinctive selection of readily available weaponry for users to utilize because it borrows its simple battle royale gameplay from genre heavyweights like PUBG. After all, in this furious 50-player battle royale, players need these weapons to ensure victory.

But much as in other games, some weapons are just superior to others, especially in the hands of an experienced player. Which weapons should gamers use as their go-to items in this life-or-death battle royale?

1. M4A1 (Assault Rifle)

  • 52 Fire Rate
  • 77 Damage
  • 77 Range

The default or most versatile weapon in almost every shooting game is an assault rifle, and this is also true of Free Fire and the M14. Due in part to its nature as an assault rifle that can handle a variety of range options with respectable recoil and handling, this weapon is without a doubt one of the most adaptable weapons in the game.

However, the M14’s stats are where it shines. Although its 15-round magazi necessitate numerous reloads, it has the longest range of an assault making it a useful backup sniper weapon in some situations.

2. MP40 (SMG)

  • 83 Fire Rate
  • 48 Damage
  • 88 Movement Speed

The MP40 can be relied upon by players who require an exceptionally simple firearm in emergency conditions to complete their task with the least amount of assistance. Despite being a submachine gun, the SMG is incredibly powerful at close to midrange, making it a smart choice for players that only need a gun that functions in the majority of situations.

It’s important to understand that the MP40 is less customizable than other weapons because, in contrast to other weapons, it can only be equipped with a magazine and a stock. However, this also demonstrates that the MP40 can be used right out of the box with only a few attachments because of how quickly players can move about the battlefield.

3. SCAR (Assault Rifle)

  • 61 Fire Rate
  • 53 Damage
  • 60 Damage

Free Fire has the SCAR as a silent competitor even though the AK47 is arguably one of the most recognizable assault guns out there. Although the SCAR has fewer overall stats than the AK47, its reasonable fire rate and improved handling increase the likelihood that shots will consistently land on target.

In light of this, players who don’t mind using a weapon with lower stats can utilize the SCAR with confidence, particularly with Level 3 attachments that let this weapon step up its game and even compete with more potent alternatives both inside and outside the assault rifle category.

4. AK47 (Assault Rifle)

  • 56 Fire Rate
  • 61 Damage
  • 72 Range

Because they tend to have a more balanced skill set than other types of guns, assault rifles are frequently among the most practical weapons in shooting games. The AK47 in Garena Free Fire is evidence of this. Its main selling point is great Damage at the expense of vertical recoil, making it difficult for players to perfect their control for more reliable Damage.

5. M1887 (Shotgun)

  • 79 Movement Speed
  • 100 Damage
  • 28 Penetration of Armor

Shotguns are best used at close range, however, because of the diminishing battle royale zones, survivors will unavoidably have to engage in close combat. And with a shotgun as potent as the M1887, people who are sneaky enough can ambush enemies and kill them directly.

Players may wreck an opponent’s day in incredibly close quarters with its 15-round magazine. Its quick movements should also make it easier for gamers to catch up to enemies. This is especially helpful for players that enjoy getting close and personal as well as in situations where opponents are forced to stay close nonetheless, as toward the end of a game.

6. AWM (Sniper)

  • 90 Accuracy
  • 90 Damage
  • 91 Range

The AWM is a top-tier sniper rifle, boasting a range and Damage that make it one of the most lethal weapons in Garena Free Fire. Sometimes, players can deal the most damage in a conflict from a distance. The AWM is designed for players that enjoy going for a marksman build, and it has a 91-yard range.

An opponent who is too slow to avoid or flee for cover can be easily killed with two to three shots fired from a safe distance. The player can secure all range parameters by combining the AWM and an MP40, allowing them to deal with adversaries from a distance while also offering a close-quarters defense.

7. KAR98K (Sniper)

  • 90 Accuracy
  • 90 Damage
  • 84 Range

A solid sniper is essential for players who want to win long-range battles, and KAR98K won’t let you down. Shots that are well-placed either take down or kill the opponents and its 5-shot magazine may even hurt the victim’s squadmates.

8. M500 (Pistol)

  • 67 Damage
  • 76 Range
  • 69 Reloading Rate

The M500 is a useful handgun option for players that wish to experiment, mainly because it comes with a 2x Scope. While undoubtedly not a scope for longer ranges, the respectable Damage and quick reload speed allow players to quickly aim for their opponents and flee from danger.

9. Desert Eagle (Pistol)

  • 76 Movement Speed
  • 90 Damage
  • 74 Range

Despite criticism that pistols are often “useless” weapons, the Desert Eagle disproves critics. The Desert Eagle is a good option for players who want a secondary weapon that they can always count on. Thanks to its speed and reasonable mobility, it may be used to hunt down enemies or, in the worst-case scenario, to kill them at close range.

Although the Desert Eagle’s accuracy and Fire Rate aren’t as good, its quick reload time and respectable range make it a viable option. Players can be saved by switching to the Desert Eagle in dire situations.

10. M60 (Light Machine Gun)

  • 56 Fire Rate
  • 56 Damage
  • 65 Range

It would be considered cheating to include a massive LMG on a list of suggested weapons, especially because using it as its business end seems a bit excessive. For gamers who want to improve their aim while still dealing good Damage and having some leeway to miss, the M60 is a necessity.

Additionally, the M60 is among the simplest to control in mid-range invasions. However, with this weapon and a few explosives, players who manage to hunker down in a strong defensive position can dispatch opponents considerably more quickly and easily.


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