• Kushagra Tyagi

You can Add Coin To Your Khiladi Adda App easily. Here You have to follow the Below Steps accordingly:

Step1: Open The Menu Button, Present on the Top Left Corner.

Step2: Press My Wallet Option.

Step3: Select Add Coin Button

Step4: Enter the Amount that You want to Add in Your wallet.

Step5: Press Pay Button.

Step6: You are Now processed to Payment Gateway So Follow the Process Their and Pay with Multiple Options.

Step7: Kudos!!! Your Payment is Successful and Coins HAs been Credited.

  • Kushagra Tyagi

In Khiladi Adda, We all play PUBG Mobile Matches in Custom Room. And if you are New and Don't know how to Join PUBG Room using Room ID and Password. This blog will definitely help you to understand how to join PUBG Room easily. PUBG Mobile Custom Rooms is something using which a group of people can play together or compete at once. Maximum 100 players can join a Custom Room and Play together. Every Room has a Unique RoomID and Password so that only known person can play in that particular Room. Many Players don't put password on Room and anybody can enter in their Room and Play. Each Room has a Lifespan of 2hrs after which it will disappear.

1. Open PUBG Mobile Game and let it load fully to the HomeScreen.

2. On the top corner of the screen, you can see the Maps option. Click it.

3. Below all the maps you can see a Home Button Icon name Room. Click it.

4. You will see list of PUBG Custom Rooms along with a search option in the corner. In the search bar, type the PUBG Custom Room ID that you get from Khiladi Adda App.

5. Click Enter and if the Room is Protected then you will see a Password Input Pop-up. Just enter the Room Password you get from Khiladi Adda App and click on Enter Room.

6. Kudos!!! You are in the PUBG Match Custom Room. Change your Position as per your Team or Spot Choice and then wait for the match/game to start.

It is Really easy to Win real money while Playing PUBG in Khiladi Adda App. You just have to join a PUBG Match and Play it on Time as Per rewards you will get cash Prize that you can then transfer to your Bank Account or Paytm. Many Free leagues are waiting for you check it out on our Official Website www.khiladiadda.com or Download it from Play store.

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